Highlights of the Systec series

  1. Servo-motor drive
    Highest performance with low energy consumption.
  2. Intelligent valve technology
    Specially-developed single circuit hydraulics to support parallel movement, without sacrificing the dynamics of the axes.
  3. Toggle technology
    Special kinematics guarantee highest platen parallelism and dynamics as well as homogeneous force transmission into the mold.

Available from 1600 to 15000 kN

  1. Electric dosing
    High dosing speed for maximum performance.
  2. Injection via hydraulic accumulator
    With the integrated hydraulic accumulator, the Systec SP can achieve injection speeds of up to 600 mm/s.
  3. Fast ejector
    An high speed ejector specially designed for the packaging market.

Available from 1600 to 4200 kN

  1. Full range of clamping forces
    Systec multi machines are available from 160t to 1500t.
  2. Flexible to combine
    Positioning of injection units is possible in all variants.
  3. Modular concept
    Systec multi machines can also be equipped with electric injection units.


Special machine options

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Intuitive machine control system

  • Simple operation and easy familiarisation
  • Clear layout of the screen pages and soft keys
  • Transparent process analysis with reference cycle graphics
  • Automatic production documentation
  • Control and reference position for clamping unit at the touch of a button
  • Automatic mould height and clamping force adjustment
  • Automatic injection system for time-saving shut-down and start-up