Highlights of the all-electric IntElect series

  1. Precise and dynamic
    Highly dynamic direct drives specifically developed for injection moulding.
  2. Extensive mould space
    Large tie bar distance adds flexibility and saves footprint.
  3. Energy efficiency
    Up to 80% more efficient compared to hydraulic machines.

Available from 500 to 5000 kN

  1. Incredible speed
    High injection dynamic, high injection speed and fast mould movement.
  2. Long lifetime
    Motor and spindle specifically developed for high-performance applications.
  3. Energy efficiency
    Up to 50% more efficient compared to high-performance hybrid machines.

Available from 500 to 4500 kN

  1. Extensive mould space
    Large tie bar distance for maximum turning diameters.
  2. Precision
    All injection axis drives are perfectly aligned for optimal moulding results.
  3. Efficiency
    Low energy consumption, shortest cycle times and parallel, dynamic movements.


Special machine options

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Intuitive machine control system

  • Adjustable clamp force stages (special feature of the IntElect)
  • Simple operation and easy familiarisation
  • Clear layout of the screen pages and soft keys
  • Transparent process analysis with reference cycle graphics
  • Automatic production documentation
  • Control and reference position for clamping unit at the touch of a button
  • Automatic mould height and clamping force adjustment
  • Automatic injection system for time-saving shut-down and start-up