Highlights of the SE series

Thanks to the direct servo-motor drive and intelligent servo-motor control, the SE series machines meet the increasing demands of the moulders in an ideal manner. A powerful and quick-acting injection unit and an absolutely reliable, accurate and quick-acting clamping mechanism bring the SE machine range into the top class of all-electric machines. 

Getting as close to zero defects, losses, and faults as possible

Zero moulding with the SE series

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Zero-moulding is an integration application, consisting of three elements, that achieves as close to zero defects, losses, and faults as possible.

  1. MCM (Minimum Clamping Moulding)
    Make use of the vent effect to reduce maintenance and extend mould life.
  2. FFC (Flow Front Control)
    Low pressure and smooth filling helps the discharge of gas and improves cavity balance.
  3. SPS (Simple Process Setting)
    Intuitive interface to simplify use and access to powerful features.