Uncomplicated expansion, individual adaptation

Highlights of the all-electric MultiPlug

The all-electric MultiPlug was developed to offer plastics processors the option to convert an existing injection moulding system into a multi-component machine, using the same drives as the IntElect machine. As a stand-alone unit, the all-electric MultiPlug can be retrofitted to an existing machine, making multi-component injection moulding more cost-effective. Depending on production requirements, the all-electric MultiPlug can be mounted vertically or horizontally on the machine.

Upgrade your machines to multi-component machines

Request a MultiPlug retrofit
  1. Full package
    All-electric MultiPlug includes injection unit, control cabinet, control system as well as electrical and mechanical interfaces.
  2. Easy installation
    Uncomplicated conversion of any machine into a multi-component machine. Available in two versions for different installation situations.
  3. Customisable
    Injection units available in different sizes and numerous expansion options for customisation.