Roadshow with focus on productivity

Whatever path plastic processors take in the future, productivity supported by connectivity and digitalisation will inevitably be in the driving seat.

Schwaig, April 2024 – At the launch event of Sumitomo (SHI) Demag’s inaugural mobile roadshow setting off from Schwaig, CEO Gerd Liebig defined the company’s clear roadmap that is in place to support processors in their quest to increase efficiency, production output and ultimately boost operating profits.

Addressing journalists and media from across Europe, Mr Liebig cited productivity as being one of the greatest challenges of our time. “Manufacturing in all industry sectors is being influenced by multiple forces. As well as investing in high performance, fast cycling and energy efficient machines, eliminating inefficient processes, waste reduction and workforce retention are critical focus areas.”

With the group having successfully initiated production optimisation programs inhouse in Schwaig, Wiehe, Ningbo and Chiba, Mr Liebig highlights that Sumitomo (SHI) Demag now has the capacity to manufacture 8,000 new injection moulding machines annually.

“With our internationally-focused industry, technology, sales, service, quality and supply chain teams, and our strong presence in the eastern and western world, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag has secured a strong competitive advantage,” exclaims the CEO.

Seven years ago, Liebig took a bold decision to convert Wiehe to a fully all-electric production site.“Sustainability supported this decision. However, given that our all-electric machine series can more than double output when supported by automation, digital tools and training support, the foresight to invest in all-electric production has the potential to generate above-average growth for our customers.”

In Europe, over 90% of machine deliveries by the company are currently all-electric. Following success in medical and electronics, the share of all-electric machines is now increasing in packaging, consumer and the automotive sector. Anticipating this, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag got ahead of the curve and last year launched the high speed IntElect S and packaging PAC-E series. By 2025, the company is confident it will reach over 25% share in the all-electric European market.

Testament to the importance that technology plays in this journey, Mr. Liebig also took the opportunity during the press conference to introduce newest senior appointment, Martin Pütz. As Senior Director Technology, one of the major tasks assigned to Pütz is to reinforce application technology as a third business pillar to subsidiaries. This includes three of the digital competencies being presented on the touring exhibit - myAssist,  myConnect and activeMeltControl.

“Machine uptime is one of the most powerful productivity benchmarks. Reliability prevents time-consuming production disruptions,” notes Mr. Liebig.  Designed to help customers diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues faster, the mobile exhibit shows how machines using myConnect are benefiting from faster error detection and correction and better quality components. The inclusion of tools like myAssist enables manufacturers to adapt faster to changes in processing parameters.

Equipped with a 25mm screw and a 2-cavity tool, processing PP, visitors to the travelling exhibition will see first-hand the instant IntElect efficiency benefits. Users can then explore how to fully utilise features to repeatably increase cycle times and make even more components at less cost to their business and the environment.

Touring a fully-operational all-electric IntElect2 75/420 injection moulding machine for four months across Europe is both exciting and exceptionally challenging, declares Mr. Liebig.

“Organisationally, this roadshow is a major challenge for us; getting the machine into the truck was extremely demanding. We look forward to showcasing its compactness, digital and automation capabilities, and the latest developments in processing regrind and recycled materials to hundreds of customers on our travels.”


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