Systec SP – precision and speed as a unity

Sophisticated packaging solutions that must be produced quickly and in great quantities are a big challenge for the injection moulding technology.

Systec SP 160 – 420 t

Speed Performance - making your production even more efficient

Systec SP

Systec SP with activeColourChange

Systec SP = highly dynamic

The new Systec SP series with its extremely high production and energy efficiency sets the benchmark against which all our future developments will be measured.

Systec SP – precision and speed as a unity

The new Systec SP series with its extremely high production and energy efficiency sets the benchmark against which all our future developments will be measured.

Systec SP – the highlights:

  • Systec SP is a injection moulding machine with hybrid drive concept, optimised for maximum performance and highest energy efficiency.
  • Due to its robust construction, Systec SP has a record of excellent long-term production – with minimum maintenance costs.
  • The integrated activeMotionControl drive technology ensures high dynamics, precision and availability for long-term, daily production.
  • The newly developed machine concept of Systec SP, based on that of El-Exis SP, is optimally designed for the high requirements in the packaging industry.
  • The optimised NC5 plus control allows easy and intuitive handling.

Interview - Global speed and precision

As a specialist for injection moulding machines for plastics processing, Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is one of the leading companies in the industry. Elisabeth Skoda visited the company’s headquarters in Schwaig near Nürnberg to look at its production facilities and get a comprehensive overview of its portfolio, speaking to packaging key account manager Arnaud Nomblot and head of marketing Bernd Tröger. read more

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SystecSP 280 1450 (backside) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Reinforced machine base

Machine base sagging is avoided. This gives stability to the whole construction and allows high precision of mould movement during production process.


Low energy costs for high power and quick movements. Locks exactly, quickly and energy-efficiently.


Standard linear guiding of the movable platen ensures the highest precision, reduces mould wear and cycle times.


High stiffness over the entire platen surface guarantees the highest stability.


Cycle optimisation through individual regulator adjustment for ejector, closing movement and injection. Ensures a smooth, harmonic machine operation even under extreme conditions.

NC5 plus control

Intuitive, process-oriented user interface for comfortable setting, monitoring and recording.


Drive system which is precisely tuned to the machine allows higher manufacturing quality and reproducibility with shorter cycle and filling times.

High-speed servo valve with position control

Highly dynamic acceleration and deceleration for short filling times and highly dynamic switching to holding pressure.


Decentralised, electrical screw drive for parallel dosing and high dosing capacity.

Hydraulic accumulator

Intelligent position control allows high injection speeds and acceleration.


The activeDrive component allows an energy saving of up to 60 per cent compared to the conventional hydraulic drives.

Screw cylinder

Constant L/T ratio (20:1 and 25:1) for an equal melt quality, good coloration and an easy replacement of the injection cylinder.


Superfine filtration of oil and an oil change interval of 40,000 operating hours contribute to the constant high operational safety of the machine.

Cylinder change system

Automatically identifies the respective cylinder and recalculates configuration data based on the new screw diameter.

activeQ/Q+ (Q+ = optional)

The highly sensitive, active mould protection detects every error over the entire opening and closing stroke of the clamping unit. Automatic deceleration of the clamping unit reduces response times to a minimum.

High-speed ejector

Cycle-independent ejection allows to reduce cycle times. The position control valve ensures high positional accuracy. High dynamics combined with production accuracy.