SDR linear robots

IntElect 100-430 with SDR-Robot

Integrated robot control

Reliable data exchange between robot control and NC5 plus system ensures perfect production processes.


Systec 160 with SDR-Robot

Automation with linear robots

A complete range of robots

A complete range of robots for a complete range of injection moulding machines.

Integration of SDR robot control into NC5 machine control

SDR robots are designed to communicate with the NC5 control via a data/command interface. This exchange of data, commands or signals considerably simplifies the interaction between the machine and robot. A full remote control HMI of the robot is available on the NC5 display via an Ethernet connection to give full robot control access. The mode selector switch of the NC5 control facilitates the joint handling of the modes of the machine and robot: robot home position traverse, joint Automatic start and Start-Stop-Step of the robot cycle within the machine cycle.

In addition, the robot program data is stored with the associated machine settings program. This way, all functions of the complete production cell encountered in every day production are controlled from the NC5 panel. Moreover, the robot teach programmes can be printed via the printer integrated in the injection moulding machine, simple and clear.

A full line of robots for a full line of moulding machines

  • 6 models to automate our moulding machines from 350 to 20000 kN
  • Compatible with our Systec, IntElect and El-Exis machines featuring NC5 control
  • The robot’s advanced electronic control is integrated into the NC5 machine control.
  • Servo-motor technology simultaneously manages 3 CNC axes as standard for minimum in and out cycle time.
  • All robots offer a compact vertical arm with in-line rotation units for easy access into the mould.
  • Electric and pneumatic EOAT-connections and mechanical coupling are designed to be quickly changed for different production runs.
  • The demould free function (y-free), available as a standard on all SDR-models, makes programming easier for parts ejection tracking and enables you to save on gripper costs thanks to a simpler design.
  • The built-in greasing facility guarantees maximum operation times and minimum maintenance requirements (once a year only).

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