With a wide range of innovative and welltried technologies, the specialists from Sumitomo (SHI) Demag can optimally adapt your machine to suit your needs. 

Because you surely know it from your own experience: your investment in a new machine only pays off if the highest production output can be achieved along with the maximum operational effectiveness.


Optimised process consistency

Reduce shot weight fluctuations by up to 60%!
The switchable non-return valve prevents the melt from flowing back into the plasticizing cylinder at the beginning of the injection phase.
This ensures that your injection moulded parts can be produced with the highest quality.


Compensation of filling differences

Balance filling fluctuations in injection moulds!

The negative effects of uneven mould fillings are compensated for and a uniform moulding quality is achieved when multiple cavity moulds are used.

This reduces the reject rate and increases the quality of your parts.



Maximum mould protection

Sensitive protection and high productivity!

Measuring and monitoring the required forces during the mould movement allows for active and immediate reactions to be made to any deviations. Sensitive protection of the moulds is therefore possible, even during fast operating movements


Innovative drive technology for energy saving

Reduce your energy consumption!

A frequency-regulated high-performance engine combined with a hydraulic pump ensures optimum levels of effectiveness.

The results are minimal losses and significant savings in energy, especially in the partial load area as well as during idle speed operation.


Electronic mould water monitoring

Increase your production efficiency!

effective and exact mould tempering optimizes your cycle times and reduces production break down.
Visible variations in the tempering circuit lead to significant scrap reductions.


Optimise your own processes

Match the machine with your needs!

Optimum regulating properties can be selected using activeAdjust without any external assistance by using a slider system.

This provides the advantage of enabling the injection moulding machine to be individually adjusted to your product.