Picture frame with seal

S-FIT seal in Core-Back process


Foamed S-Fit seal with turntable technology

Tool handle

Production of consumer articles through the use of a indexing plate

Rear light

Production of components for the automotive industry through the use of a rotary plate


Production of consumer articles through the use of a rotary plate

Multi-component technology

High-grade multi-colour styling, complex mouldings with two or more components, decoration, printing, back injection of textiles and foils, injection moulding with assembling… Multi-component technology has undergone rapid development in recent years: ever new variants of the processes, plastics and material combinations have been added for ever new applications in automotive, medical and communication technologies, in the electronics, packaging and sports industries. New applications have emerged that were unthought-of only a few years ago. We in Sumitomo (SHI) Demag take the credit for having made important contributions: The Multi has proved its mettle in hundreds of manufacturing facilities: With innovative, user-specific solutions that combine a high standard of moulding quality with a high level of productivity.