Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic injection moulding machines

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Who is Sumitomo?

Sumitomo (SHI) Demag is a German/Japanese company and a specialist in injection moulding machines for plastics processing.


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Who is Sumitomo?

The roots of all Sumitomo companies are in the Japanese family of Sumitomo which can be traced back to the years 1630. Today, the Sumitomo Group maintains the traditions of the family and operates in line with the rules established by its founder Masatomo Sumitomo (1585-1652).

At the present time, the Sumitomo Group comprises 37 companies and in 2007 ranked among the five largest industrial groups worldwide. The individual companies are legally autonomous and so Demag was acquired by Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. to be exact, a core company of the Sumitomo Group. Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. was founded in 1888 by the name of Kosakugata, to maintain and repair machinery for the copper industry.

In 1934, just fifty years later, the company, now renamed Sumitomo Kikai Seisaku K.K. (in English Sumitomo Machinery Co. Ltd.) underwent enormous growth due to the development of machines and equipment for the steel and transport industries.

In 1969, Sumitomo Kikai Seisaku K.K. merged with the Uraga Senkyo Company (in English Uraga Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.) to form Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. In the following years, the company continued its expansion into new markets and today, the comprehensive production spectrum extends from injection moulding machines, mobile cranes and ships to liquid crystal production and laser plant equipment.

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. more than 17,900 permanent employees worldwide. The plastics machinery division of Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd. has been active since the inception of the plastics era both in the injection moulding as well as the injection blow-moulding sectors. It has been playing a central role in the qualitative and quantitative growth of the plastics industry in Asia. In the sector of injection moulding machines, Sumitomo had almost 1,600 people working in 2006.

Sumitomo ranks among the leading manufacturers and worldwide is the dominating manufacturer of electrical injection moulding machines.  In developing the Sumitomo injection moulding machines, Sumitomo Heavy Industries systematically use key technologies from other areas of the company.Sumitomo’s and now also Demag’s competitive edge over competitors is based on electrical drives that have been specially developed for injection moulding.

As early as in the nineties, Sumitomo had concentrated on the development and production of electrical injection moulding machines and today ranks undisputedly among the technology leaders in this area. With efficient and sophisticated injection moulding machines, Sumitomo has achieved for itself an out-standing market position in Asia and North America. In the Japanese market, every fourth electrical injection moulding machine is a Sumitomo machine.

On taking over Demag, Sumitomo is now also assuming a strong role in Europe. With the merger of the two companies, the first really globally acting company is taking shape in the injection moulding industry which is solidly represented on all continents and is capable of being a competent partner for its international customers all over the world without any compromises.